The Triangle Go Group Staying Connected for Over 50 Years

Weekly Game Locations

Go players currently meet many times each week in the Research Triangle Area of North Carolina.
We welcome and encourage all levels of players, from beginners to high dans.

Regular games were previously held at various locations at


Barnes & Noble/Starbucks Sign Go Players at Barnes & Noble's Starbucks
A friendly host of the Triangle Go Group is the Barnes and Noble bookstore at the Streets of Southpoint, in south Durham. We meet on Friday evenings at the Starbucks located at the north entrance to this excellent book store. Both Starbucks and Barnes and Noble certainly deserve your patronage in return for their support of the Go community. We play Go from around 7:00 until closing at 10:00, and then occasionally relocate to a nearby vendor of adult beverages for review of games and serious scholarly discussions.
Frank Thorne and students

Players also occasionally gather at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Brier Creek Commons, in north Raleigh. Please show your appreciation for the generosity and cooperation of this fine institution by taking advantage of their eclectic inventory and buying loads of their books.